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How To Get Involved?
  1. Volunteer with us and become a P-Mentor

  2. Represent and promote P.A.K.E.M.A on campus as the PMC Ambassador. 

  3. Volunteer as P.A.K.E.M.A Educators and Community Ambassadors. As a volunteer Educator you can help by participating in our training sessions as speakers, be part of publishing team, share on educational developmental ideas. Join our forums, seminars, conferences and also be part of the PMC advisory committee at your school.

  4. Sponsor a P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Club Student's high school tuition.

  5. Adopt a P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Club School in any of the African Countries we operate in and help in the educational developmental of the respective PMC School. 

  6. Partner or collaborate with our organization.

  7. Have your elementary school participate in our PMC Primary Schools Global Literacy-Based PenPal Program.

  8. Kindly Support our programs. Any act of kindness will go along way to helping make a BIG difference in the lives of our students and their communities in Africa. Thank you in advance for the support!

Our Official Addresses:



Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) Organization

c/o P.O.Box 36701City Square,

Nairobi, Kenya 00200



Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) Organization

c/o 12332 Hutton Dr.

Walton KY 41094, USA

Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (PAKEMA) is officially a 501(c)3 Tax Exempted Non-Profit Organization registered in Kentucky, USA.


 To help fund our programs: 

 Kindly make Checks payable to Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A)

 and Mail to our USA Official Address below:


 Attn: Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) Organization

 12332 Hutton Dr. Walton KY 41094, USA


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