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The P.A.K.E.M.A Effect (PE-Model) is comprised of Innovation, Critical Thinking, Servant Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Change, Community Empowerment and Scholarship. All these will be achieved as a result of the P.A.K.E.M.A Mentorship, which is the steering wheel of this empowerment bus. The P.A.K.E.M.A Effect will fully engage the P-Scholars, P-Mentors, P-Communities, Our partners/collaborators, sponsors and the P-Leadership Team. 

Our Primary Value: Mentorship

We strongly embrace our motto that Mentorship is the next most important basic necessity for our children and youths from around the World. 

Our Mission

​As the 21st Century Mentorship Movement that actively participates in the enlightenment of the young school children and youths situated in the slums, urban and remote rural areas of Kenya and beyond through strong and committed networking and mentorship program that majorly inculcate the necessary life skills such as critical thinking, leadership, innovation, well-roundness, among these upcoming next generations of leaders and builders of our nations.

 Our Vision

We envision empowered, enlightened, productive, peaceful and well-rounded next generation of youths who are critical thinkers, leaders and builders of our nations who will help eradicate slums, poverty and socio-economical injustices through the strong powers of faith, networking, innovation, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and mentorship alliances. 

                                                  Our Goals:

​The following are the major strategic objectives for which the Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) organization has been organized:

​To empower and educate young school children and youths situated in the slums, urban and remote rural areas on matters regarding the social-economical, spiritual, and academic aspects of their lives through the power of strong and committed MENTORSHIP programs

To join efforts through mentorship and networking and help instill critical thinking to the next Africa’s generation of leaders who will continue perpetuating peace, love & unity to their communities and nations; denizens who are knowledgeable of their rights, surroundings and embracing the spirit of volunteerism as mentors.

To help the identified schools in these areas initiate and establish the P.A.K.E.M.A Mentoring Club (PMC). This is with the main goal of taking leadership to the students’ themselves. We will walk the PMC leaders through the process. We therefore look forward to helping these schools obtain the necessary resources in the future to help with the mentorship aspect of the clubs besides all the enlightening activities and events that will be going on.

To ensure the enlightenment of our target groups, as they will have friends whom they can confide in and talk to, people who are eagerly ready to listen to, help with pieces of advice, walk with them through their pains and joys, and most importantly, help see them succeed.

To ensure the involvement of the communities where P.A.K.E.M.A operations are taking place through community service, volunteerism, events, and by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking and servant leadership.

To promote Girl-Child and Women Empowerment programs that focuses on their education, healthcare, societal development and advocating for the children, girl-child and women rights.

We look forward to continuous strong partnerships and working with organizations based abroad as well as those in Kenya slums and remote rural areas who are willing to support and/or partner with us and also the mentors from around the globe willing to volunteer as mentors as we continue to reach out to many children and youths in Kenya, Africa and other countries around the world.​

Our Value Statements

The following core values help guide the P.A.K.E.M.A Mission and are a great expression of our founding Vision. These values applies to all those associated with and involved with P.A.K.E.M.A from the young children & youths in the communities where we operate in to the P-Mentors, partners/collaborators and the leadership team under the P.A.K.E.M.A umbrella. 

Primary Value: MENTORSHIP 

This is the soul principle under which the Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (P.A.K.E.M.A) Initiative was founded in order to help enlighten the young school children and youths from the underprivileged areas in Kenya and beyond. We believe as our motto states, that:

"Mentorship is the next most important basic necessity for our children and youths from around the World"


This is a very crucial and very important value to uphold and therefore the P.A.K.E.M.A Initiative strongly encourages and believes it is a quality that promotes consistency of our actions, our values, our methods, our programs, our measures, our principles, our expectations, and our eventual outcomes in a transparent honesty in all the actions we undertake and are involved with. We therefore strongly believe that Integrity is "doing the right thing when no one is watching you". 


This is the cooperative effort by the entire P.A.K.E.M.A Team, members, and associates who are embracing the P.A.K.E.M.A vision and mission, common cause collaboratively to achieve our goals to the fullest in the end. Therefore as an alliance, P.A.K.E.M.A involves both the Kenyans and Global elites in this mentorship initiative and as a strong, committed, passionate and dedicated group we work hard and smart to help deliver our duties to the communities we are collaborating with in this empowerment journey by also involving them as the entire P.A.K.E.M.A Team ready for change and action in these societies. This is a critical and crucial value to embrace and one that ensures that entire P.A.K.E.M.A Team work well together as ONE, cooperates, encourages each one of us to share their ideas, thoughts and skills openly in order to meet our proposed goals. Therefore as a quality nested within the broader concept of team performance and individual-level task-work, it leads to making of the better decisions, duties and programs execution to achieve the ultimate goal: Community Empowerment. At P.A.K.E.M.A we measure this value by analyzing our communication, member contributions & support, efficiency and effectiveness of our programs. In the pursuance of teamwork as a value gives rise to yet another important value needed in our societies and that we embrace: Equity


P.A.K.E.M.A Initiative promotes justice, fairness, and impartiality towards all our targeted groups in all the communities where we deliver our duties and through all the programs we promote to help with the community empowerment and obliteration of the social injustices such as, gender inequality, in these communities.


The P.A.K.E.M.A Initiative strongly embraces Robert Greenleaf definition of servant leadership as a "leadership philosophy that implies a comprehensive view of the quality of people, work and community spirit. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve and serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead". We strongly embrace this value as it helps inspire our programs and encourages our leadership team, P-Mentors, P-Mentees and the communities we operate in to be servants first, serve others first while staying focused on achieving tangible results with regard to the P.A.K.E.M.A Organizational mission, vision, values and strategic goals. We believe that this value houses all the other values mentioned herein and helps with our entire team, including the P-Mentors, P-Mentees and communities' personal developments as leaders and such a long-term concept that has the massive potential to positively influence the entire community towards engagement in VolunteerismCommunity Service for the betterment of that society and her neighborhoods, hence the change we would like to see in this World!


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